free garmin gps maps

How To Get Free Garmin GPS Maps

When it comes to free Garmin GPS Maps, there are two great options available.  The primary favorite is OpenStreetMaps, followed by GPSFileDepot. Both websites are free, and the process is simple.  Throughout my time hiking, I have found that I prefer the free maps through these sites over commercial (and pricy!) maps. The peer-review and … Read more


Hiking Map App Essentials

Having the right hiking map app can make all the difference on the trail.  Smartphones have revolutionized many aspects of our life. Though we recommend disconnecting from your phone when in nature, there are exceptions to every rule.  While it is possible to get most of the best hiking apps free, some do come at … Read more

how to get into hiking

How To Get Into Hiking

I created this guide for beginners wanting to learn how to into hiking. When I first started, questions popped up that I was unable to answer.  By my 3rd or 4th hike, I felt confident in my planning abilities. My goal by documenting my journey was to help others who want to learn how to … Read more

backpackers meals

Backpackers Meals and Snacks Guide For Beginners

Planning out your backpackers meals and snacks is a crucial part of preparing of your trip. As an inexperienced hiker, when it came to meal planning, I had no idea where to start.  To help in planning, I’ve documented my experiences alongside some food ideas below. First, let’s look at some quick best practices at-a-glance. … Read more