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Tame the Wilds was created by outdoor enthusiasts frustrated by the lack of clear and unbiased information available on the web related to camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities they love.

Welcome to Tame the Wilds!

My name is Mike Ouellette and I’m one of those people that loves the outdoors and has an on-going need to document and create the process and journey behind everything.

Out of this combination, Tame the Wilds was born. In an effort to inspire outdoor enthusiasts of all levels, the team behind the site works to create inspiration through experience, unbiased gear reviews, and entertainment about all things outdoors!

My hope is that as you read through articles, you are able to find exactly what it is your ventured on to the site in search of.

Throughout my journey, I have been privileged to test out some amazing, and some not so great, gear. These reviews are found on the site by way of “Best of” round ups, and in-depth reviews of certain favorites!

You will notice that in our reviews, there are links out to sites where you can buy gear online. Much of the sites revenue comes from these links, which are known as affiliate links. While we do earn small commissions from these links, our reviews and opinions on the products are not driven by potential of financial compensation, rather they are authentic and value driven to ensure that our audience receives the best information to assist in their outdoor development.

I hope that you enjoy your time spent on our page, and if you’d like to give us a follow on your favorite social platform, we can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

Mike Ouellette
Founder of Tame the Wilds

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